June & July Zombies: Bridezilla and Punk’s Not Dead

I apologize for the delay of Ms. June. Here she is along with Mr. July in gallery format for your viewing ease.

June Zombie: Bridezilla


July Zombie: Punk’s Not Dead

I have to admit, we screwed up on this guy a bit. The black stripe on his head was meant to be folded under his mohawk and his spikes glued together. Oh well, he’s rocking the double-hawk pretty hardcore.

And the whole gang on the Zombie Shelf. We’re over halfway through the year and they still all fit!

On a final note, be sure to check out the current di Rosa exhibition, Zombie-Proof House and see artistic explorations of zombie-ism as it pertains to current times. Neither dead nor alive, horrific and hilarious, fearful and endearing. Zombies are a symbol for many concepts, as you will see.


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